Reinfuse Chyme,
Save the Patient

The InsidesTM Systemfi provides patients who have an enterocutaneous fistula or a loop ileostomy the ability to refeed chyme, significantly improving their health outcomes.

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Treating chyme as waste impedes the journey to recovery.

Chyme contains important nutrients and fluids that are lost when a patient with a loop ileostomy or enterocutaneous fistula empties their bag. This can result in complications such as:

Increased risk of Clostridium difficile
Hospital readmissions
Missed or reduced chemotherapy doses

Patients who lose large volumes of chyme may require parenteral nutrition to maintain hydration and replace electrolytes. However, this is expensive and introduces new risks, including line sepsis, vascular damage and liver diseases.

Chyme reinfusion is the new standard.

Using Active-Link to return chyme via the distal stoma restores the patient's natural bowel continuity.
This can improve:

Electrolyte balance
Liver function

Studies have shown that restoring bowel continuity in patients on parenteral nutrition allowed them to return to an oral diet.

"Chyme recycling is the new and improved way to help patients with intestinal surgery heal faster and more efficiently"

Associate Professor Greg O'Grady