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The Insides Company Appoints Commercialisation CEO

Press Release
Source: The Insides Company Limited
On: 4:00 PM, Wednesday 8 May 2019 – Auckland

Companies: The Insides Company Limited

The Insides Company (Insides Co.), a provider of innovative medical devices for intestinal failure patients, announces the appointment of Garth Sutherland as Chief Executive Officer to lead the company in its commercialisation phase of development.

Garth Sutherland has 30 years of experience in the technology sector, including 18 years in the medical devices industry. Previously, Garth founded the digital health company Adherium. During his time at Adherium, Garth completed five rounds of capital raising, totalling of more than $50M. Garth has extensive experience establishing company partnerships within the industry, building teams, creating technological IP, and manufacturing. Garth has also worked for several leading technology companies, including Microsoft. He holds a master of science degree in physics with first-class honours.

Garth takes on the CEO role from co-founder and Associate Professor Greg O’Grady. Greg, who is a surgeon and company director, moves to the position of Chief Scientific Officer. Garth said “I am very excited to join Greg and the other exceptional team members to bring the company’s award-winning products to market. The devices are so meaningful for improving health outcomes and quality of life for a range of patients, including those with colorectal cancer.”

Greg adds, “We are developing a suite of clinical products that are breakthrough solutions for patients undergoing surgical treatment for colorectal diseases. I am enormously proud of the creativity and excellence being achieved by our engineering team at The Insides Company. I and am delighted to have Garth Sutherland joining us to bring these innovative products to market.”

Chairman Rob Davidson said, “We thank Greg sincerely for the key leadership role he has played in the founding and growing of The Insides Company to be ready for commercialisation, and warmly welcome Garth to the team.”

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