Case Studies

Ray’s Story, Enteroatmospheric Fistula Patient Journey

Ray – home, well and enjoying life again

Ray, a father and grandfather, had been physically active, regularly helped in his community and loved his job as a barber.

Following a routine operation for a small bowel obstruction, Ray developed an Enteroatmospheric Fistula1. Complications including malnutrition and sepsis resulted in a serious deterioration of Ray’s health and many months spent in hospital.

Within a few days of the surgery, Ray’s life changed from living at home with his wife, to life in a hospital bed on parenteral nutrition2 (PN), unable to eat.

Spending a total of 410 days in hospital over a period of 18 months took a serious toll on Ray, physically and emotionally. “Getting the worst possible complication of abdominal surgery is not good for your mental health man”, Ray comments.

Having not eaten orally had affected his gums and he lost half his teeth. Ray had high fluid losses through his fistula which meant he had numerous re-admissions to hospital for dehydration.

When fistula-correcting surgery failed the first time, The InsidesTM Systemfi was introduced to assist Ray’s recovery. With The InsidesTM Systemfi, Ray began oral feeding again and was weaned off PN, allowing him to finally return home. After only 9 months of using The InsidesTM Systemfi, Ray was well enough to undergo surgical closure of the fistula to completely return to health, and move on with his life back home with his loved ones.

1. Enteroatmospheric Fistula – An abnormal passage between the intestinal tract and the skin that results in the contents of the intestine leaking through to the skin
2. Parenteral Nutrition – Parenteral Nutrition is the intravenous administration of nutrients for patients who cannot absorb food through tube or oral feeding.

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