A new standard
of care

Our award-winning technology makes chyme refeeding efficient and clean

Balancing innovation and accessibility

The InsidesTM Systemfi potentiates the current standard of care without altering existing surgical procedures or the patient journey and care pathway.

Qualifying patients will be able to utilise InsidesTM Systemfi at any point during their care journey to gain the benefits of restored bowel continuity.

How it works

The Insides Driver(fi) magnetically couples to the pump across the ostomy bag. This allows the body worn portion of the The Insides System(fi) to be lightweight and low-profile, while still keeping the same performance characteristics of a larger pump
The Insides Pump(fi) sits within the ostomy bag, connected to the feeding tube.
The Insides Tube(fi) is inserted into the distal bowel and connects to the pump, acting as a conduit for chyme

Multiple Power Settings

Five modes allow for refeeding at a range of chyme viscosities


Fully charging the device takes only a few hours and results in up to one week’s worth of refeeding


The device easily fits into a bag, enabling patients to recycle whenever required

Highly Compatible

Compatibility with a range of ostomy appliances ensures a smooth integration into a patient’s journey

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Insides System(fi) ?

The InsidesTM Systemfi is a medical device that gives patients with high-output enteroatmospheric fistulas and high-output enterostomies the ability to refeed chyme, improving their health outcomes.

How often is The Insides System(fi) used?

The InsidesTM Systemfi‘s usage frequency will vary depending on their preferences and requirements of the patient and the viscosity of their chyme. In the best-case scenario, The InsidesTM Systemfi can be used to refeed all chyme.

How long does The Insides System(fi) take to pump a full ostomy bag?

The rate of refeeding will vary depending on the device setting, the viscosity of the patient’s chyme, and how far the patient is through their journey. On average, however, The InsidesTM Systemfi is expected to take a few minutes to refeed a full ostomy bag.

Can The Insides System(fi) be used for children?

No. Currently, The InsidesTM Systemfi is only suitable for patients over the age of 18. Contact us for further information or inquiries regarding this matter.

Does the The Insides System(fi) have regulatory approval?

The InsidesTM Systemfi is approved for sale in Europe, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand.

Interested in The InsidesTM  Systemfi ?